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  1. Anambra ha detto:

    Please, we appeal to you world leaders,to help release our leader Mr Nnamdi KANU who is currently held in the Nigerian prison without trial, simply because he asked for the freedom of his people,from the British creation called Nigeria.God bless you all.

  2. Nna Peace ha detto:

    Free Nnamdi KANU & freedom for Biafra

  3. Nna Peace ha detto:

    We need freedom

  4. ogbonna kalu Progress ha detto:

    free Nnamdi Kanu

  5. CAMILLUS ha detto:

    Free Nnamdi Kanu and free Biafra

  6. George Ogowuikwu ha detto:

    NNAMDI KANU is the leader of Ipob and a prisoner of conscience demanding for the freedom of his people, he committed no crime and should be released unconditionally now.

  7. Nweke ugochukwu jerome ha detto:

    Our great hero Nnamdi Kanu ohiamadike must be released and biafra must be restored, our great leader mazi Nnamdi Kanu did not commit any crime by pursuing biafra self determination which is enshrined in United nation charter

  8. chinonso Nnaji ha detto:

    #freeNnamdi kanu

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